Samantha’s Dream

samantha's dreambychar

“Samantha’s Dream” has just been published. “Samantha’s Dream” is a Christian, historical romance novelette set in the 1880’s. It is 187 pages and is priced at $2.99
Samantha has no time for romance in her life because of her dream. She wants to become a doctor and surgeon, and has the full support of a loving, caring family. In the first year of medical school, she meets Ben, a second year student, son of a wealthy family dominated by his mother, who is determined to rule his life.
Samantha learned Ben would be spending the holidays alone because his parents were out of the country, and impulsively invited him to spend the holidays with her family. She becomes bothered by the feelings she’s developing for him and afraid he will become an obstacle to her dream, and ends the relationship.
She realizes she’s made a mistake, but Ben has moved on. Will they be able to overcome their differences? Can Ben get past his domineering mother or is theirs an ill-fated relationship? Can they overcome the differences in their backgrounds and turn their love into a happy marriage and still realize their dream?
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