Loving A Firefighter
The latest novella in my Loving series, Loving A Firefighter is now live on Amazon. In Loving A Firefighter, Carrie is a 25 year old single girl working for WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas. She leaves work, ill from the flu and returns home to find her ex-boyfriend, Nathan, has conned her landlord into giving him a key to her apartment. She finds him in bed with some bimbo. Carrie chases them from the apartment. He returns at night and sets the apartment on fire. Carrie is rescued by Chip Reynolds, a firefighter. They begin dating and find themselves in love some three months later. Nathan is arrested for arson.

Released on bail, he confronts Carrie and Chip in a restaurant. He shoots Chip three times and Carrie twice, then shoots himself. Do they live? Do they die? Does their love last? For the answers to these questions and more visit Loving A Firefighter