Mama Was A Mail Order Bride

New Mail Order Brides, Book 4

This is a western romance short story of just over twenty-two thousand words. The sexual heat level of this book is less than 1 out of 5.

This story is a total departure from any of the previous western romances. There are no sex descriptions in this book that go beyond kisses. Bedroom doors are kept closed.

It is a five part sequel of Amanda’s Mail Order Cowboy, and picks up the lives of the three children of Amanda and Rance Kendall. 

Part 1 begins with the early married lives of Amanda and Rance, and Abby, their daughter on the Lazy K Ranch in Cheyenne. It covers the legal fight when a relative tries to take Abby to get their hands on the trust fund established by Rance.

Part 2 covers Abby’s life through college at the University of Wyoming, and her admission to Juilliard in New York City.

Part 3 tells of the Christmas at home with the entire family home, following Abby’s certification as a music master.

Part 4 is the story of Laurie, the natural daughter of Amanda and Rance.

Part 5 is the wedding of Laura to Doug Pierce, the son of Cal and Pierce, the main characters in Cheyenne Mail Order Bride.

Michael is covered in the Epilogue in addition to a brief mention in Part 1.