The Brides of Haynes Mill

Coming the week of April 24, 2021

Loves lost, but hope remains.

The war stole her husband.
A stroke claimed his wife.
Both were left alone, trying to raise an infant during a time of civil unrest.

A mutual friend arranged the first contact between Mary Beth and Cody, hoping it would help heal the scars of grief carved into their hearts. Separated by half a continent, they enjoyed the companionship offered by their exchanged letters with the security of distance between them. Until… Cody invites her to visit him in Oregon.

While fearful of traveling such a great distance with her son, Mary Beth wants nothing more than to find someone to share her life with, and be the strong father figure her growing boy needs.

Can she can find the courage to make the cross country trek, in hopes the connection she feels with Cody extends beyond the written page? Or, will she resign herself to a life alone, having never explored if he was her second chance at a great love?