I am pleased to tell you “Not Quite A Mail Order Bride”, the next in the series of Mail Order Brides is now available on Amazon. Not Quite A Mail Order Bride at the introductory price of $0.99. I will be having a free promotion for one day on Monday Feb 24,2014. One week after the promo, the price will rise to $2.99.

“Not Quite A Mail Order Bride” is longer than my previous books. Amazon lists it as 153 pages. The heroine is Martha Sanders, the sister of Sarah Barnette. Sarah is the wife of Jedadiah, from Jedadiah’s Mail Order Bride. Luke Hastings is a featured character.

Sarah Barnette’s sister, Martha Sanders was widowed when her husband, Daniel died of pneumonia. When Martha’s mother starts matchmaking with Daniel’s body barely cold in his grave, Jedadiah and Sarah invite her to come stay with them in Wyoming, hopefully on a permanent basis.
Luke Hasting’s Wife, Clara is caught in a crossfire during a bank robbery and is killed, devastating Luke.

Luke continues having trouble coming to grips with Clara’s death, but realizes his two young sons need a mother. When the local families hire Martha as a teacher, he becomes more aware of her as a desirable female. He botches the courtship when he calls Martha by the name of his first wife. Martha places an ad for a husband, puzzling Luke, who decides he knows nothing women.

Read all about the courtship of Martha and the recovery of their relationship.

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