Love On The Brazos

LoveOnBrazosLove On The Brazos is a novella, a touching short love story (Just over 100 pages) written about the young Texas girl who doesn’t have time for a boyfriend, romance or a love life. Burned by a self-serving fiance that doesn’t have the time to help her when her father has a stroke, she breaks the engagement and returns to Sugar Land, Texas where she meets a young, compassionate banker, Michael, who is determined to help her. She refuses his help, even after he tells her he loves her. She doesn’t have time for love.

His thoughtfulness and compassion overcome her reluctance to love and they become lovers. After a near death head-on collision, in which Michael stays by her bedside while she is in a coma. Even though she’s unconscious, she hears him profess his love. Her first words coming out of the coma were “Love you too…

Love On The Brazos is a tender love story of a Texas girl to live her dream, working side by side with her father and to bring her dream of creating and building an upscale planned community along the Brazos River.
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