“Laurie” Second Chance Mail Order Brides Vol 2 now available.


“Laurie” Volume 2 of the Second Chance Mail Order Brides is now available on Amazon.
Laurie Winston, the sweet daughter of a lawyer, wants to follow her father’s footsteps. She plans to someday join his practice after finishing law school. She’s single-mindedly focused on her career pursuits and has no interest in the young men her age.
When Caleb Lewis, a university student, is introduced to Laurie, he falls fast and hard, and their engagement comes quickly. After learning of a childhood friend’s unexpected death, he worries he brings bad luck to those with whom he becomes close. He worries about her future if he stays with her.
Can the love and caring of Laurie overcome his despair? Or should she move on?

“Cowboys Don’t Lie” volume 1 of the series is here.