Charlotte’s Mail Order Husband

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Charlotte Jenkins is the oldest of four girls, two of which are married. At twenty-five and unmarried in post-Civil War Maryland, her prospects for marriage are dim. When her mother started eyeing widowers and men as old as her father as candidates to be her husband, Lottie decided to take matters into her own hands.
An ad in the Baltimore Sun attracted her attention: Prosperous, never married business man, age 28, is desirous of corresponding with a lady with marriage as an objective. Interviews will be scheduled with those having an interest.
When she responded to the ad, she found it was placed by the sister of a gold miner turned rancher in Montana, whose name was Zebulon Parsons. Zebulon struck it rich in the Last Chance Gulch near Helena. He extracted gold from his claim for over two years, and then sold the claim to a mining company.
He bought land and began successfully raising cattle. Wanting a large family, he built a large ranch house and outfitted it with the finest furnishings available. He had one problem. remaining. He does not have a wife, and there aren’t any unmarried women in Helena, so he enlisted the help of his sister in Baltimore.
Read about the path that brings these two together in love and in marriage.
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