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A photo of Rick and me taken a long time ago. I can tell it was a long time ago because my hair is thick and Rick is wearing one of his IBM uniforms.

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  1. I am finishing up on the second of my western romance time travel books. It should be published this coming week.

  2. “Laurie” volume 2 of Second Chance Mail Order Brides is now available on Amazon.
    Laurie Winston, the sweet daughter of a lawyer, wants to follow her father’s footsteps. She plans to someday join his practice after finishing law school. She’s single-mindedly focused on her career pursuits and has no interest in the young men her age.
    When Caleb Lewis, a university student, is introduced to Laurie, he falls fast and hard, and their engagement comes quickly. After learning of a childhood friend’s unexpected death, he worries he brings bad luck to those with whom he becomes close. He worries about her future if he stays with her.
    Can the love and caring of Laurie overcome his despair? Or should she move on?

  3. I’ve always been interested in the military services. Rick was in the Navy as was one of our sons. We have a good friend whose son is a graduate of West Point and is now a helicopter pilot in the Army. At one time, I took flying lessons and soloed, but a relocation caused me to give it up.
    The Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) is now called San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAAMC) and is the world leader in prostheses. The Wounded Warrior Project was created to support the many wounded veterans in all aspects of their life.
    I hope you enjoy these two books.

  4. I am not. I had never heard of her until your comment. I just looked at some of her covers and they strongly resemble mine. It would be a violation of Amazon’s terms of service to publish under two names. It would also be a violation of their duplicate content rules. Most of my covers are professionally done, the others I do myself. My books including the covers are copyrighted.
    There has been an extensive copying of published ebooks and republishing of them by people other than the author. This is plagiarism and is a violation of copyright laws.

  5. Susan do you know an author named Paige Powers She has written the same books as your Pickney series she calls her family the Abbotts? Are you her?

  6. Thank you, Anne-Denise, I have also slightly modified it to add a dog. I appreciate your taking the time to post.

  7. I prefer the cover of the two people together. It adds to the title “AloneNo More”

  8. Actually, telephones were first demonstrated in Helena, MT in 1878: Telephones were first demonstrated in Helena in February of 1878 by Vermont native and Dartmouth graduate Herbert Percy Rolfe (1849-1895). Rolfe was primarily a lawyer by trade, but he was adept at several important professions in early Montana; he was an educator, the surveyor of the townsite of Great Falls, a Fort Benton attorney, President of the Montana Bar, and editor of the Great Falls Leader. He was married to Martha Edgerton Plassmann Rolfe, daughter of the first Territorial Governor, Sidney Edgerton. Rolfe died of typhoid at age 44.

    In 1878, Rolfe was the superintendent of Helena schools, and acting as the Montana agent for Bell Telephone. He arranged for a few experimental wires to be strung in Helena, including one between the fire tower and the engine house, and arranged with Western Union to experiment with telephones over their telegraph wires. A line was also strung between Helena and Deer Lodge…
    As far as time period being shown on the cover it is extremely difficult. I spent over six hours searching for a suitable photo for a 22 year old couple in 1878. You can’t just copy a picture you see on the internet, because of copyright laws. When you see one on a cover it means I’ve licensed the use of the picture. I would say 80% of the females in the commercial photo repositories I do business with have big chested women with large amounts of cleavage showing and the men with their shirts open and their muscles flexed. I could have written three or four thousand more words on Titus’s story while I was searching.
    Covers are important and that’s why I solicited your opinion. By the way, so far the responses have favored the more modern looking cover.

  9. Hi Susan, I agree with Sylvia that the second cover is too modern, but the girl on the original cover does not seem right either. She looks like a Pilgrim! Other than what i think is a quill pen, nothing indicates the time period of the book. I do seem to have that problem with some of your books – the covers do not tell the reader what time period to expect. The first time I read something with the characters using a phone, I was shocked! Phones and automobiles in the 1870’s? Then I finally realized the time period of the book was early 1900’s

  10. I like the cover that is on there. The other is to modern. I thought it was well wrote, enjoyed it very much.

  11. Thanks for the try anyway. I know about the fixed income. On nicknames, a lot of people just use one of their names and their initials and a random number. I’m glad you enjoy them, because I enjoy writing. Alone and Expecting is only 99ยข now. Thanks again for your support. I don’t see your name on my list. If you sign up on the right side of the webpage, you will get the first chapter of each book before I publish.

  12. Susan, I love your books. I have read Montana Teacher, and A Soldiers Widow. I would love to read the next books, but I cannot even leave a review. It requires a nickname before I can post. Every name I choose has been taken and then the entire review is deleted. I have spent too much time trying to post. I really wanted to thank you, for the free books,because I am on a fixed income and I have enjoyed your novels immensely.

  13. I wanted to be a teacher, but wound up being a stay-at-home mom, a den mother, and a choir member I also worked in the church office. Thanks for the post.

  14. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. We have been blessed. He had 2 boys, I had 2 girls and we have a boy. Surprisingly, they all got along.

  15. There is a Chimney Rock in North Carolina not far from where a big Revolutionary War battle was fought.

  16. I love all your books. As a retired teacher myself, I really enjoyed the Montana Teacher series. Keep them coming, please!

  17. Our weather didn’t get out of the 70’s today. Unheard of for August! In addition, over the past two days, we’ve had over 3 inches of rain, for which I’m grateful. I hate sprinkling money on our lawn.

  18. I so loved reading about your first date! My wonderful husband and I are right behind you and Rick, we celebrate our 50th in June 2016. ? you know how much I love your books and the people in them! God has given u so much talent!
    We your fans thank you!! Reading book 2 of the Widow. Oh yes I love it!! ?? It’s fantastic as they all are!

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