Star-Crossed Series  Book 1

star-crossed (adj)

(Of a person or a plan) thwarted by bad luck. 

Bad things happen to good people.

Mattie Barber is one of the good people. 

Mattie considers herself star-crossed. Drugged at her senior prom, she lost her mom, and her abusive father is in prison. Her big fear is bringing disgrace to Jason and his family. She lost everything in an apartment fire. 

Jason Barber is the golden boy. Devilishly handsome, and the high school football quarterback. He was the smartest person in the school, and he married Mattie, the prettiest girl in town. 

Is he destined to lose it all because of his obsessive dream? 

Will they find happiness with each other, or are they headed for divorce? 

Purchase Star-Crossed today, but keep a box of tissues handy. It is also available free on Kindle Unlimited.

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