Romance in Time Collection

Angie and the Farmer

How did an iPhone sold in Missouri in 2014 wind up in a grave in Oregon that had been undisturbed for over ninety years?

Angie and Jed met in Missouri over 1,800 miles from Oregon.

How can she convince him she is telling the truth? Will he believe the strange story? Would anyone believe it? Can their love for each other survive the incredible tale she relates?

Belle of the Ball

June 2015 Anna finished pinning the broken strap on her Victorian gown just before the earthquake began shaking the walls of the Ladies Room at the country club. Led to safety by a mysterious woman, she walks out onto a Helena street a century and a half earlier. 

The strikingly handsome Bart Williams shares ownership of a prosperous ranch near Helena, Montana in

1870. Can Anna return to her own time? Can Anna and Bart, from worlds one hundred forty years apart hope to find happiness together?

Romance in Time

In July, 2015, just days before her wedding, Abby Sanders came home early from shopping for a wedding dress and found her fiancé in bed with a co-worker. Distraught, she visits her grandmother in Laramie, Wyoming.

Caught in a time warp, she is transported to 1867 where she meets Thomas Barnes who wants to get married… to Abby. Can she get past her heartbreak and find love with Thomas on the Wyoming frontier? Can he face the fact she may return to her own time?