Courting Maylynn

courting samantha, book 2

Her dreams of being a surgeon may be more of a fantasy.

Daughter of a poor dirt farmer, Maylynn Waters fears that her dreams of becoming a surgeon will never come to fruition. Determined to find her way to the scalpel, she reluctantly agrees to let her family pay her way through medical school. Tightening her purse strings and cutting all of her expenses is all she can do to help.

She won’t let anything derail her from her goals–not even the charming man who tries to steal her heart.He won’t let his dream woman slip through his fingers.

Falling for the feisty and dedicated medical student was easy for the filthy rich hotelier Andrew Foster III, but convincing her that they could build a future together may be the hardest task he’s ever endured. Now, it’s up to Andrew to travel to Spring Creek to win the heart of the woman he loves. Will courting Maylynn turn into marrying Maylynn?