Belle of the Ball

Back in Time, Book 5

June 2015 
The floor shook beneath Anna’s feet and caused the light fixture to swing back and forth. Water from the toilet sloshed onto the floor. Panic set in when the walls began shaking.

A mysterious woman wearing a long, flowing him stop keyboard hook white dress appeared. “Follow me. I’ll show you the way. Go through that door, you’ll be safe.” 

June 1870
The strikingly handsome Bart Williams shares ownership of a prosperous ranch near Helena, Montana with his twin brother. He wants to get married and have a family but knows no suitable women his age.
Then a beautiful young woman his age is introduced in church and Bart is smitten and his life changes forever.

Can Anna and Bart, from worlds one hundred forty years apart hope to find happiness together? What if she returns to her world?